Writing & Curation



I bring the critical lens of a trained business ethicist to every aspect of my work. And, as humanist chaplain, I am uniquely engaged with the fundamental realities and the diverse philosophies that shape human life.

I am qualified by both training and experience to write about ethics and theology, as well as topics specific to organizational leadership and strategy, including: vision and mission, organizational culture, decision-making, career discernment, and work-life issues.


Add depth to your industry blog or publication with a guest post or regular column on ethics, authored by me, a trained ethicist. The real deal! After our initial conversation, I will pitch a concept that dovetails with your current content and industry landscape. Deadlines and smooth communications are guaranteed.


Need traction on an unfamiliar topic? Personalized professional development reading? Or unique content to share with your audience? I can help you deepen your expertise, and I will save you precious time in the process. I’m a skilled researcher, an experienced teacher, and even a librarian’s daughter! In other words, I curate resources like a champ.


"The Business of Creativity: From SCDP to Modern Creative Enterprise" in The Universe is Indifferent: Theology, Philosophy, and Mad Men, Wipf and Stock, 2016.

Ethics and Economic Life: The Catholic Social Teachings and MicroeconomicsDoctoral Dissertation, 2013. 

"Flourishing in Crisis: Environmental Issues in the Catholic Social Teachings," in That All May Flourish: Comparative Religious Environmental Ethics, Oxford University Press, 2018.