Book clubs are having a moment.

Book clubs are hot right now, and for good reason. They support a learning culture, reinforce values, depersonalize work challenges, and strengthen collegiality. Even better? As professional development goes, book clubs are cheap.

However, without a committed reader-leader on staff, book clubs languish. Most bosses don't have time to curate and lead in-house reading groups. They land in the "nice-to-have" category, when you should instead shelve them under "essential." 

Worse, they are executed sloppily. Poor book choices + poor logistics + poor facilitation prep = poor discussion. Can you say, TIME SUCK? Blech.

The perfect book
+ tight logistics
+ experienced facilitation
= inspired discussion. 

Much better.

Book clubs can be an invaluable tool for leadership and organizational culture. More of you should use them. The right book, facilitated adeptly, clarifies strategic issues, and motivates participants to think (and act) differently. Leaders can target them to address their most vexing challenges and support their most important goals. 

I believe in book clubs so much that I built a service around them.

Here's the skinny. JLP Strategy book clubs include:

  • Curated suggestions: My seasonal lists cover multiple genres and represent the best of what I'm reading each year -- including both timeless classics and new literary gems. (Don't see your favorite? Never fear. Customized selections are on the table.)
  • Communications & procurement. I will handle reminders and (just ahead of the meeting) pump-priming questions. If you like, I will also coordinate book purchases and distribution.
  • Facilitation.  Sit back and enjoy the discussion. I will prepare and lead a book discussion that ensures both learning and future participation.

Intrigued? Learn more about my book clubs here.

I look forward to reading with you soon!