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Servant leadership is more than means to an end.



This morning, I read yet another article about servant leadership's power to manipulate outcomes. The gist: "Get more clients, recruit better talent, and engage the staff you have!" Ugh. This reads like cheesy 1950s ad copy, yet it seems to be the commonly accepted wisdom on the topic. And it completely misses the point. 

Here's the deal: True servant leadership is fundamentally NOT about outcomes.

In fact, it is the opposite of traditional, power-based leadership. It is instead an emptying that shifts your gaze towards the needs of others. If you approach servant leadership with an eye towards what you will get back (happy clients, happy employees, more anything), then you have failed to grasp its core principle.

While not a means to increase power, servant leadership is powerFUL. It transforms your work into something that is centered on other people, not yourself. And that iterates. If authentic, you will lead people to shift their gazes to the needs of others, they will inspire more people to do the same, and that reorientation will ripple in perpetuity. 

To revisit what I just said...Servant leadership transforms your work into something that is centered on other people, not yourself. 

Let me break that down further for you:  Read more >>




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