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"I'm lonely at the top."

let's work together.

Even with the best team in the world, being the boss is isolating. That's where I enter. Go ahead: vent, raise concerns, think out loud, and float wild ideas. It's all confidential. I will be your sounding board, I will give you honest feedback, and I will care about you and your organization. As it fits, I will also help you uncover the perspectives you most need to hear from your team. You will love having a trusted thought partner and such a highly flexible resource.

"I'm going through a hard time."


I understand how much people carry, including not only career challenges, but also personal pain – and often a perfect storm of everything at the same time. We often work hard to wear a brave face — as armor, to protect others, and sometimes out of obligation. It is difficult for most people to talk about pain and loss, and that can be isolating. Through active listening and accompaniment, I will stand with you in your grief and help you feel less alone. Please reach out for support.

"I want to love my work."

let's talk transition.

If you have career change on the brain, two things matter: (1) whether it's right for you, and (2) how to do it as quickly and painlessly as possible. It's a process, and I can help you through it. As your coach and thought partner, I will support you in this work to consider pros and cons, assess your risk tolerance, explore options, figure out what you want, summon the courage, and transition gracefully. We can work on one piece or the entire puzzle, but regardless...we will start where you are today and move you towards a better situation. 

"I'm facing a big decision."

let's find a balanced solution.

Sometimes we know that the status quo is unjust, or that the stakes of our decisions are precariously high - but we don't know how to move forward. My unique combination of strategic experience and ethical training will serve you well. I will help you articulate core concerns, choose decision criteria, track down the info you need, and devise a solution that gels with both your conscience and your ambitions. This service is a hybrid of coaching, creative brainstorming, and research support, customized to each client's specific situation and strengths.

My services cost $200/hr. I offer a 20% discount to nonprofit organizations and a 10% discount to b-corporations and their employees.

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