Career challenge? I’m on it.

Life crisis or loss? Please reach out.

Perfect storm of stress? I’m here for that too.

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I offer 20 years of experience, including both private practice and executive leadership.

Before opening my coaching practice, I worked for 5 years as chief strategy officer at Avalon Consulting, a prominent fundraising agency. At Avalon, I offered backstage support to renowned cultural institutions, environmental powerhouses, and social justice warriors. As an executive, I was responsible for strategic planning and agency infrastructure. I took particular pride in my role as steward of company culture and core values. 

Along the way, I have worn many professional hats — from consultant, to teacher, to writer, to executive, to chaplain, to coach. In addition to this functional range, I have worked at the intersection of the for-profit and non-profit sectors. I have coached professionals across industries, and I have clinical experience as chaplain in a large hospital.

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My methods are firmly grounded in education and training.

I hold a B.S. in commerce from the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia. And, I hold a Ph.D. in theology, ethics, and culture, also from UVa. I have both studied and taught a range of theological and ethical traditions, including business ethics. This interdisciplinary background, expertise on the ethics of work, and a commitment to human dignity anchor my approach. 

I have also trained as an interfaith chaplain at the University of Virginia Medical Center, and I currently hold one unit of Clinical Pastoral Education. Through that training, I worked directly with patients and families across diverse demographics and religions — including orthodox believers, atheists, and many shades between. In addition to patient diversity, I have encountered a range of medical diagnoses and crises.

Further, I have trained with the College of Executive Coaching and the International End-of-Life Doula Association.

This combination of business acumen, philosophical insight, and caring skills makes me a rare coach.

As a business person and coach, I am intimately familiar with the pressures of professional life and the dynamics of organizations and teams. My executive experience instilled in me a deep appreciation for the power of healthy organizational culture and long-range strategy. I am a strong generalist, which makes me a quick study of industries, organizations, and roles.

As a humanities Ph.D., I am knowledgeable in theology, philosophy, and the liberal arts. These disciplines offer profound lessons about human behavior, the natural world, justice, and diversity. They help us think critically, listen to others, persuade with integrity, and manage ambiguity. They not only kindle the mind, but also orient the heart, inspiring creativity and character.

As a chaplain, I walk closely with suffering, and I wrestle life’s most difficult questions. I view each person and every loss as profoundly special and significant. This makes me a uniquely skilled coach, particularly in the essential areas of listening and accompaniment.

I understand that my clients often carry both significant work challenges and complex personal demands — and I am honored to support them as they process and engage the full scope of that.

I love this work, and I believe in it. 

My mission is to honor and support the full humanity of every person, and to bring this energy into leadership practice. Our world needs brave leaders, we need to unite the wisdom of the professions with the wisdom of the philosophers, and we need influencers to embrace the full, diverse scope of humanity.  

P.S. I like to have fun! 

I do serious, impactful work without taking myself too...well, seriously. I love live music, public art, road trips, cold beer and QT with my husband and 3 kids. I read everything that sits still, and I can lounge like a lizard in the sun. My work motivates me to embrace joyful moments and be near my loved ones whenever I can.


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