Advice That Rocks: Vacation

This 1980's gem doesn't need explanation. The Go-Gos say it all in the chorus:

Vacation, all I ever wanted.
Vacation, had to get away.

While you listen, consider this data from Project: Time Off's 2016 State of the American Vacation report.

  • 95% of American workers report a desire to fully utilize paid vacation.
  • 55% of Americans forfeited vacation in 2015 -- for an estimated total of 222 million forfeited days, and over $61 billion in forfeited compensation.
  • 65% of employees report either silence, mixed messages or discouragement on the topic of vacation.*
  • Employees taking 11+ days received higher and more frequent bonuses.
  • Advance planners take more time off, in longer increments. They also report greater happiness both at work and at home.

Let these numbers -- and Belinda Carlisle's pipes -- strengthen your resolve to use your paid time off, use it wisely, and take a beat to relax.

* Bosses, do you hear me?