Meaningful work: what's the very next thing?

The universe has been conspiring to get me this message! And now I'm sharing it with you: When overwhelmed by the scope or scale or ambition or courage required for meaningful work, all we can do is the VERY. NEXT. THING.

Watch the video or read the transcript below:

Video Transcript

Hi friends, it's Jenny Phillips at with a quick little hit for you on meaningful work.

Those of you who have seen my last couple of videos will know that I am on a mission to wake folks up to the facts that what they do during the day really matters and that they can begin to think about how they use that time for the good they want to see in the world, even if that feels daunting or overwhelming or even impossible right now.

And I'm doing it myself. Last week, I have been talking to a bunch of different people about what's next for me and how I can integrate this call to action in my own work life. One of the pieces of advice that I got from not one, but two people this week...two days in a row, I had someone tell me: Just slow down, and do the next thing.

And they were absolutely right, because I, like many folks have a tendency, when I'm thinking ahead about what comes next - especially folks that have a strategic mind! - I see a few steps down the road, and I start to get in my own head with the "but what about this" and "what about that" and "I'm not sure about this." And sometimes, when we're overwhelmed by those kinds of questions, the only thing to do is the very next thing.

You'll remember from my last video that I was talking about longevity and being prepared and willing to come back again and again and again - and do the next thing, again and again and again. So, I present to you this question today - share with you the advice and present to you this question today: What is your very next thing?

The very next step you need to take. The next thing you need to say yes to, or no to, in order to begin to shift your work in the direction that we're talking about.

Best wishes to you as you think this through. Have a great rest of the week and weekend. I'll see you soon.