Faith on the frontlines.

I am pleased to announce that Congregate Charlottesville was featured by CBS News in Faith on the Frontlines on December 3, 2017. This half hour special highlighted Congregate's anti-racist work in Charlottesville this summer, during the crisis of August 11 - 12, and in the aftermath. 

I am honored to serve as vice-president on the Congregate Charlottesville founding board and to work with this incredible group of clergy. Congregate's mission is to empower and inform people of faith to resist injustice in all its forms. By "people of faith," we mean ALL faiths, in the broadest sense of the word. This includes not only the world's many religions, but also agnostics and "religious nones," like myself, who pass on traditional labels. The biggest tent! 

If you are moved, I invite you to sign our National Call to Conscience.

On the heels of Charlottesville, Tennessee and Poland, Faith on the Frontlines goes into the heart of the clergy movement that has vowed to take on white supremacy.