The work is long. How to rest AND #resist.

I hit a bottom of sorts last week, or what I hope was a bottom.

After just two weeks in the Trump presidency, I was so busy following the 24-hour crises that I fell behind at work and fell waaaaay behind on sleep. I was physically and emotionally spent - and the movement had barely gotten off the ground. Basically, I was doing everything I would advise my clients NOT to do.

So, I rested last weekend. I spent time with family, I checked the news much less frequently, I slept long and hard, and I listened to a ton of good, loud music. 

The thing is, I had mixed feelings about it, so I also spent a good amount of time contemplating the validity of my claim on rest. I am uneasy in the awareness that my ability to take a breather is itself a privilege. My own fatigue can never really be extricated from that of so many others.

Ultimately, however, I view rest as a best practice for the movement - one that we must both reserve for ourselves AND extend to everyone. Only through rest will we see needs clearly, judge strategy wisely, and continue showing up for the long haul.

We must all rest and attend to self-care, in order to show up and fight alongside those who are claiming that same privilege and other human rights. I encourage you all to take the repose you need, but to view it as a relay.

Tomorrow, we will run while our neighbors rest. 



These woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.
— Robert Frost