What does business ethics have do with medicine?

This spring, I am teaching a class titled "Organizational Ethics in Healthcare" at the University of Virginia. Our work in the class is to explore how issues of business ethics - from business models, to organizational culture, to specific operational cases, to whistleblowing - impact the landscape of American healthcare and specific outcomes for patients. I have learned so much in the process of designing the course, selecting reading material, preparing lectures, and listening to my students, who have diverse backgrounds both personally and academically. 

Naturally, I was happy when one of my students asked me to guest-post for the American Medical Student Association of UVA. It was a nice opportunity to juxtapose the learning of the class with my executive coaching practice, in which I pay close attention to both the ethics of various professions and how people engage and succeed in their fields.

Check out the post through the tweet above, or here. It's ready for you to share with a healthcare professional (or a future doctor) you love.